Thursday, October 13, 2011

Liney ism's

Since the last post of hilarious things my children say, I had to add just a few more before I forget them.
That being said, I had about 7 to post and can only remember 3.

Caroline was born tongue tied. For those of you who don't know what that is; the little piece of skin that sticks up under your tongue. Usually it doesn't attach close to the tip. In Liney's case, it did. So we had some speech issues early in life and since she has had the darn thing clipped,  she is still relearning some ways to speak. However, these are just plain funny. She thinks this is really how the word is said

WORDS OF THE DAY: (little Foxworthy maybe but still funny)

and my personal favorite
I don't swear often. I don't normally write it either, but Caroline thought she was swearing every time she would ask for something! We were rolling so hard when this one came out, my tears were streaked across my face!

Love my Liney Lou! She just cracks me up!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Black Island Farms and Pumpkin Patch

A little blurry as he was moving so much. But we are off to Black Island Farms. This week mom is cool.
Little Miss MacKenzie is 6 months old now and she was awesome at the patch.
JJ found this tunnel and he and his new buddy Wesley had a ball!
They got to ride the tractor ride, pick a pumpkin, and play in the farm. WOW! this is a cool place!
These are just a few of the many pics I took of JJ and MacKenzie. They both were so good and they are both sleeping right now. That is why this post is up so quick. We had so much fun. There were a bunch of people from the ward, we all had a blast. I got some great produce dirt cheap too. JJ loves his pumpkin and wanted to take it to nap time, but it is waiting for him on the kitchen island when he wakes up. Thanks to everyone who helped push my 2 strollers, and we will be adding this to the "to do in the fall" category.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

out of the mouth of Caroline and Hunter

So as I was thinking about what to write this week. I had my Caroline, who is always good for a laugh, say a few things this week. And while I would love to quote them all, I have 1 that just cracked me up. Also, I have one from Hunter.

Last week I had to take Hunter and Caroline to the doctor. They needed a shot. Apparently you need more in Utah than in Florida. Thank goodness these two kids are good about shots. No one cries. They just do it and we are on with life. Well the Dr. office calls and says they are both due for a physical as well. Awesome. So I take them in.
This is the first time they have had to be in a hospital gown to do the physical. I of course do not tell Hunter what she (yes she) is going to be looking at, until right before she comes in.

Quote 1


Fast forward to this week Caroline stabbed her middle finger with her pencil. No biggie, but it looked gross. So I take her into the Dr. She then sends us to the xray place next door just to make sure there isn't any lead left in her finger. So true to Caroline, she just cracks people up
The xray tech sends me to the other side of the xray proof wall (whatever) and takes the first picture of Liney's hand palm down. Then turns it palm up

Quote 2

Tech: Okay Caroline, I need you to just show me the middle finger for the xray.
Caroline: NO! Heavenly Father will be mad. I can't show that finger!
Tech: Caroline, this is the only time he won't get mad at you.
Caroline: Oh yes he will! And I will have to repent. And I know it is bad. So that's even worse!
Tech: Caroline, you need to just do it.
Caroline: Well, okay but it's true ya know.
Tech: What's true Caroline?
Caroline: That now we both have to repent. So you better tonight or He's gonna know. (with finger pointing in the air)

So just goes to show, I have wonderfully humorous children. LOVE THEM!! Never a dull moment!

Peace out!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My new anthem

So it is high time I got back to silly, crazy, Katie. So the song you are now hearing just cracked me up! It is by an artist named MIKA. The song is called Big girls (you are beautiful).

Now it is not just the beat that makes me move or groove, but the lyrics as well. My favorite part being

Diet Coke and a pizza please.
Diet Coke and I'm on my knees,
sayin, big girls, you are beautiful!

If that doesn't make the sum of my parts, then I don't know what will. HA! so enjoy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We have officially been in our house for a month. While it is starting to feel like "mine" I can't help being in a funk.

Not complaining at all. I just can't seem to find my rhythm. Stacey was telling me that usually by now I have my "friend" and yes usually I do. I have that one person I find that gets my weird personality and usually I'm good. I can go on, figure other people out. But as long as I have that "friend" things move smoothly. I just haven't got that person yet, and I don't know if that is keeping me in my funk or what.

The kids and Brent on the other hand area adjusting magically! Abbey loves school. She has a little friend who is adorable. She loves activity days, and she loves church! Hunter is the same. Loves school, scouts, church. Caroline is doing great as well. She loves her teacher, has a little friend, church is awesome and she gets to go to activity days with Abbey. Jackson loves being able to run free in the house and do whatever he feels like. Within reason. MacKenzie loves to chill and just have a ball watching everyone doing whatever it is we are doing. So quick to smile. She is overall a wonderful baby. She is starting to teethe. Which is not fun, but she is coping great. Brent is doing great with his job. The lack of responsibility is good for him. He needed a break from being in charge of everything.

But me? I just can't figure it out. I'm not unhappy, I just can't seem to grip what it is that I need to be doing right now. Brent and I got callings as team teachers in primary. We haven't done that since we were first married. It is kinda fun to think about. Ask me again in a few months after being with the kids for a while;)

Think thats it for now. See ya soon

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy birthday June people

For those who don't know Hunter, Caroline, Brent and myself all have a birthday in June. It is usually like Christmas at our house with the amount of sweets and presents roaming. This year was totally different.

1. We moved, 2 times in the month. Sucked, enough said

But Hunter had a great time hanging out with his buddy Bryce for 2 whole weeks before we left. I didn't see him from the day school was out until church that Sunday and then off he was again. He loved it. So for him his birthday was perfect. I felt bad, no party, a few presents, but he was so content.

Caroline had a birthday and a baptism this year. Family from KY was in Rosie and James, Mark and Maria and kids. And my family came in the day we were loading everything up. It was Kelly's first time out to Fl and of course it was a whirlwind tour. We were loading everything, sightseeing, eating. It was just crazy. On the 19 was Carolines baptism. Her dress was amazing. Rosie and Kelly spoke, Katelyn played the piano. It was just beautiful. Stacey was doing a wedding in Atlanta, but Paul brought the kids to see Liney Lou. We went to golden corral after with a huge group and just hung out. It was great.

MacKenzie was blessed on Sunday morning. She did so well. Brent cried. He really is in tune when he gives a blessing. I admire his priesthood and how he holds it so reverently. promptly following the blessing Kelly, Mom, Katelyn left with Abbey and Jackson so they could catch their flight home. Pennie stayed and drove across the country with me and the rest of the family.

Brent and my birthday was celebrated in West Jordan at Pennies house where we had cake and ice cream with the Parkinson's, Oakeson's, mom and us. It was a long day. One that I'm sure I'll forget but hey I'm supposed to right it down. I love my birthday, it's my day. All about me, but this year it sucked. Just sayin. The cake and stuff was awesome but the day itself was just crap. Still, I'm grateful to be around famlily for the kids and I know this move was inspired. I just need to get on board I guess.

Anyway that covers birthday and Blessings, and baptism. Moving on!!!

Time to catch up

So if I ever needed a kick in the pants last night was the night.

I went to RS and we were talking about family history. Yes, yes I know we have started ours and I was really looking forward to seeing how other people do theirs. However, after the dinner portion, (which was awesome. I met some really cool people) the speakers talked about making their own memories which led to family history. So of course people scrapbook, blog, take pics, so on and so forth. And one of the ladies mentioned how they put everything in their blog. WOW! someone like me. Yes I do keep things pretty nice on here, but this is my journal after all and sometimes you just have a bad day. Yes I do!

So I will be posting some nice baptism memories, and blessing memories. But this post is about Jackson...

When Brent's parents were here a few weeks ago we were having a ball! The kids were in the basement, Brent and James were grillin out back, Rosie and I were chatting while getting the table stuff going and up come Jackson balling!

So I'm trying to figure out what in the world is going on and Caroline comes up and says "well he might be crying because Abbey and I were dragging him on the carpet and he might have a rug burn" So I instantly look at his back and low and behold! He is bleeding on his back in two area's and the rest of his back is in a huge rug rash! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thank heaven Rosie is a nurse! She ran to the store and got some neosporin and lanacane. I sprayed him with the lanacane (which did not go over well) and she put the neosporin on the bad parts. We gave him some motrin and he fell asleep. over the next few days, it got so much better. I felt like mom of the year for sure. It looked like he was burned with a hot poker or something. It was bad. I felt so low. We aptly grounded the girls and stated to them that under no circumstances if he is laughing or not, we don't drag people on the carpet. I wish I would have pictures to share but honestly I want to forget it even happened.

Jackson part 2.
The day after the rug burn, JJ had an eye appt to see if his eyes needed surgery. This has been a long road back and forth deciding if it is really needed. Long long story short, his eyes are just fine now! Lots of prayers were answered. He is seeing straight and the doctor said his vision is correcting on its own. So thank goodness we don't need a patch, surgery, or glasses. He will probably need glasses eventually because hey, who doesn't. But for us it was a win.